Lessons in Life

Attention is the Key

Where has your attention been this week?
Have you been focussing on all of the things you have to do –
How much thought have you given to the life you really want?



We live in busy times, and there are many things for us to deal with such as emails, phone calls, paperwork, advertising, traffic, tv and computers. These can be distractions that keep us from giving thought to the life that we really want. Are we looking for the good news of the day? Or are we allowing ourselves to be drawn into negativity by the sensationalist stories of the media, office gossip or unhelpful conversations with friends or family.


‘He thinks in secret and it comes to pass’


 – these are the words from James Allen’s book As a Man Thinketh.
Our inner thoughts have a way of showing up in our life,
and so we must become aware of where we give our attention.


Ask yourself this question – ‘What do I really desire?’

If your answer is ‘I don’t know’, then ask yourself this question,

‘If you I did know what I desired, what would I say?’



It’s not enough just knowing what we desire –  we must set aside space for it in our thoughts


4 ways to make space

1. Put aside 5 mins of meditation time each day to focus solely on what you desire

2.Write an affirmation for your desire, and post it in a prominent place (mirror/door)

3. Journal daily on your desire

4. Practise becoming aware of what your thoughts are concentrated on


Becoming clear about your desire and giving it your attention is the key



Nurturing the Desire

We witness the creative process at its best in the Universal setting. If we are in prayer, our mind is called upon to concentrate on a statement of Truth. Our attention is focused on the ‘I AM’ (our inner realization). Our mind becomes focused on a single idea, therefore there is intense energy being used. When we direct our attention on a definite idea, and add faith to it, we are opened up to a deep inner consciousness that the Universe responds to. This is very powerful.

The term ‘I AM’ is used in many faiths and refers to the spiritual self. The ‘I’ is able to see an idea and mould it in our consciousness. Nature then carries forward the work, nurturing the idea and bringing it into the material world. This concept can also be seen in the processes of the physical body. Our digestion, circulation and respiration all operate without us being consciously aware of how they work. There is a centre of intelligence that we trust to do its job. As an example, if we look at the notion of perfect health we focus on a single idea (perfect health in a particular area of the body). We add faith to that (belief in the unseen), then we hand it over to the Universe to do its work. This is true concentration.

Look Forward

Now is the time to put aside our past stories, our regrets, our fears, our limitations and our thoughts of lack. Why waste time thinking about awful past experiences or giving energy to someone else’s negativity. What do you hold in our heart? It’s time to look forward, to look towards your future.


Remember attention is the key – and forward is where your attention needs to be!



Blessings Rev Anne Hickey
Licensed Unity Minister
Licensed Unity Teacher
Ordained Metaphysical Minister
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA