Do You Feel Insecure?

Is it possible to feel secure in these uncertain times? What is security – is it having enough food, enough money for the rent or mortgage, or being healthy, or having access to warmth in the winter. It’s said that there is only one person who has complete security, someone in jail with a life sentence. He has security and is completely cared for, and look at the price he has to pay for it……….


This morning a group of us met online to discuss the current challenges we are facing. We talked about our changing lifestyles and the need for us to adapt to the changes we are facing.  There was talk about feelings of insecurity and the various levels of anxiety we were personally experiencing.



There is no doubt that the theme for today is change. As much as we are attached to our routines and rituals (and sometimes our ruts too!) this is the time for flexibility and a willingness to be open to new ways of doing things. In the days of the dinosaur it’s hard to imagine how human beings survived. Dinosaurs, with their tusks and claws and wings and their huge size and strength were a force to be reckoned with. And yet somehow, despite our meekness we made it through.

The truth is our greatest qualities are our creative ability working alongside our spiritual nature
– for it is the spirit in us that gives us true strength!



Rev Anne