2021 Events

JULY 2021 …….


ONLINE CLASSES with Rev Anne Hickey


A one Week Intensive – 5 x Online Sessions

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ONLINE WORKSHOP with Rev Anne Hickey

There are two options to participate:

WEDNESDAY June 2nd @ 5.30 – 7pm      OR

THURSDAY June 3rd @ 10.00 – 11.30am

Melbourne, Australia time (AEST)


Registration required by Sunday 30th May

Register here.: https://unsaustralasia.com/classes/

APRIL study



This study has now been completed

More details HERE

More details HERE



What is Spiritual Metaphysics?

DIVINE IDEAS      –       LAWS       –        PRINCIPLES

The study of Spiritual Metaphysics is a comprehensive subject consisting of powerful Divine Ideas, Laws and Principles that can be used in everyday life. Spiritual metaphysics explores beliefs and concepts that are both above and beyond the physical plane.

Quantum physics, metaphysics and physical science are all closely related, although Quantum physics and physical science are science based. Scientists explain that atoms build molecules and cells that contain electricity, and that this is the life-energy seen in all creation. Science tells us about this energy but does not always fully understand it. This is because life- energy is spiritually based. When the body is aroused by faith we are awakened to the fact that every life-giving breath we draw contains all the potential that ever is.

Spiritual metaphysics as described by the Unity movement emphasises the importance of the spiritual factor. As human beings we are moved by both our thinking and feeling natures to access our life-energy (the Superman in us). The compassionate practice of Spiritual Metaphysics (Divine Ideas, Laws & Principles) enables us to experience a powerful, loving and peaceful life in the world.


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