Positive Conversations in Tough Times

We might not have the power to stop what is going on around us, but we can choose to have a positive attitude to it. Last week I spoke online with Unity in Brisbane. We discussed the power of our words and the importance of having positive conversations during tough times such as we are experiencing now.


Following are some practical tips for encouraging positive conversations

  • Start with the Heart

  • Speak your mind, be frank and respectful

  • Talk about the job at hand, not about people

  • Be open to others ideas

  • Be willing to change your mind


Charles Fillmore, the Co-founder of Unity, refers to our ability to speak as


‘the open door between the formless and the formed worlds….’


Physically, the capacity to speak sits in the throat centre. Therefore, it is the door between our inner dialogue and our spoken words. When we shift a negative thought or word into a positive one we become transformers of energy.





Rev Anne