The Power of Strength

For many of us it still feels like the start of the year so there is an opportunity for us to ask ourselves what our strengths will be in the year ahead. What do you want to achieve this year, and where will you be giving your attention?

The Power of Strength is one of the most important of the foundational powers we possess. It is represented by the disciple Andrew In the scriptures, the name Andrew in Greek literally meaning ‘strong man’. So it is that we call upon the ‘strong man’ (or ‘strong woman’) in us. Ask yourself where your strength lies, and how you will use it in a meaningful way this year.

We are Many
In truth, we are a multitude of people. Sometimes we are patient and other times we are impatient. We can be wise and sometimes unwise. We may be happy and later feel troubled. There are times when we feel strong and other times when we feel weak. So, there are many sides to us………….  they are all part of who we are, but if we want strength and stability of character we must call on the ‘strong man’ (or woman) within us.

Spiritual Strength
I love the story of David and Goliath because it’s such a great illustration of our use of strength. I can’t help but admire David, who is by all accounts a pretty ‘weedy’ looking guy showing incredible inner strength. He stands courageously before the giant Goliath, who is endowed with muscles and seemingly overwhelming physical power. The key to the story is that it shows the ability of spiritual strength to overcome physical conditions. We learn that when we use our mental and spiritual strength we give ourselves the power to overcome our worldly Goliaths.

If we want success and fulfilment we must be able to carry through our work in the world. We need to be strong in our convictions and steady in our mind, and ultimately we must have the ability to control our thoughts. If for any reason you are feeling weak you can affirm these words,


‘I am a tower of strength within and without’


Spiritual Law 
We tend to experience life as if we are ‘in’ the world, and yet we primarily operate under the Law of Spirit. Everything we do originates from Spiritual Law, and what shows up in our life is the result of that Law. As we evolve we begin to realise that all that we do comes from the centre. If we practise centring ourselves our willpower becomes stronger, and we become better at bringing forth the very best in us. We may also experience a sense of joy in knowing that we can overcome our challenges.

The Eagle
Symbolically the power of strength is represented by the eagle. The eagle soars with outstretched wings above the earth and this is how we can feel when we soar above the happenings of the world. We experience joy when we are strong physically, mentally, and spiritually. There is a balancing act between all three and it is here that our spiritual strength begins. As we unfold from our centre we build strength of character.

Charles Fillmore, the co – founder of Unity said, ‘Truly to live the life of Spirit, one must be spiritually strong’ 
and he gives us this affirmation ~


‘I am one with infinite strength’


And so we must become aware of our many sides; noticing when we are kind and compassionate, and noticing when we are not. Becoming aware of thoughts of stinginess or our thoughts of generosity. Noticing when we feel strong and when we feel weak. As we get to know the many parts of our selves we get better at calling on the ‘strong man’ (or the ‘strong woman’) in us, and like David our Spiritual strength gives us the power to soar above any challenge we may be experiencing in the physical world.


As you step into 2019 I invite you to consider your strengths. Choose one, and decide to work with it this year. Take it into your centre and use it each day  ~  What will be your strength in 2019?

Rev Anne 
Unity Minister
Metaphysical Minister
Licensed Unity Teacher