Lessons in Life

The World is a Mirror


Have you ever noticed that the world copies your mood?  If you’re feeling happy then it seems like a positive and cheerful place; but if you’re feeling angry it can seem like a dark and unfriendly world. It is said that life is an outer expression of what we see within; that the world is merely a reflection of our innermost feelings and thoughts. The author Byron Katie said,


‘you are the interpreter of everything, if you’re chaotic, what you hear and see is chaos’


All that we see in the world is firstly found within ourselves. If we are a friendly person we will have many friends, and if we are selfish we will be left to ourselves.

We are blessed to have the faculty of imagination at our disposal, and when trouble comes we seem to have no difficulty imagining the worst possible scenario. We must learn to control our thoughts, as these eventually express outwardly in life.


Mirror, mirror on the wall………

We recognize this mantra from the story of Snow White, but what exactly is the stepmother asking?



What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you unhappy with your hairstyle, do you look at your physical body with a critical eye? The mirror is merely a reflection of what you see about yourself. You have an opportunity to put aside cold hard reality and see yourself as you want to be, not as you might think, complete with imperfections. We can choose to see things as we want them to be, having an image of the ideal. This requires us to put aside our prejudices, our fears or any can’t do attitudes. It’s when we see things freely as we would like them to be, that we begin to experience transformation. This is the power of holding an expanded vision.

As the process of transformation takes place we must endeavour to be grateful for the experience, as true contentment is to be found in the present moment. Alan Cohen says in his book, Radical Contentment,


‘Contentment never comes in the future, because the future is never here.
Contentment comes only when you choose it now


Look to the stars

When we use our imagination positively, continually looking to the good, we can create a real difference in the world. Michelangelo could see an angel in every block of stone. Jesus could see a great man in each beggar. One prisoner could see the bars on the window, another could see the stars shining in the sky.

See things as you want them to be, see yourself as you want to be. Hold a higher vision of yourself and the world. The difference between a rich man and a poor man is not the money. The rich man can have a big house, a Ferrari in the garage and still feel like it’s not enough.  It’s what we experience inside that makes us rich or poor.  As the saying goes,


‘our thinking makes it so!’


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Mirroring Practise

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